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To maximize an individual‘s potential
To encourage lifelong involvement in fitness/sports
Excel Startline aims to provide a comprehensive, age specific program based on the scientific principles of the Long-Term Athletic Development model for all the age groups. The program initially focuses on basic fundamental movement skills and becomes progressively more advanced and more specialized as the child reaches the next level of development. At the appropriate age, sports specific skills are introduced and developed.
Excel Startline believes every individual is unique. To achieve best physical fitness development and conditioning our assessment helps in great detail to know your current physical condition.
Excel Startline works with many sports academies in different discipline- Golf, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming and cricket. We are also involved with international schools for age appropriate fitness program.


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As a youth football coach, I consider physical literacy very important in the development of a young footballer. Excel Start Line provides young athletes with the perfect aid to understand the way their body works while playing a sport. Having worked in a partnership with Excel Start Line convinced me of the importance of expert coaches in this field. The players in our elite sections and camps benefited from a professional expertise and have shown a very fast improvement in their motricity. I highly recommend the services of Excel Start Line !


PSG (Paris Saint Germain) Head Coach Football